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Vaccination Program

The welfare of each fur-bearing animal in a fur farm should be highly considered not just to comply with animal ethics, local, and animal policies but also to obtain quality furs. Along with a balanced diet, good housing conditions, and proper care and handling, this helps develop fur-bearing animals that are less stressed. A study at Aarhus university demonstrated a high correlation between mink behavior and fur quality. A veterinarian should be available to advise for health-related concerns for the animals kept at the fur farm.

Vaccination schedule for fur-bearing animals

Pseudomonas bacterin 6-8 weeks
Botulism 6-8 weeks
Mink viral enteritis 6-8 weeks
Pseudomonas bacterin 10 weeks
Botulism 10 weeks
Mink viral enteritis 10 weeks
Canine Distemper 10 weeks
Rabies 4 weeks
Canine Distemper 8-9 weeks
Myxomatosis 5 weeks
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHD1) 6-12 weeks
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RHD2) 6-12 weeks
RHD1 – 2nd injection 10-16 weeks

Mink enteritis virus (MEV) strain used for mink vaccine production has been propagated in adherent culture of embryonic feline lung fibroblasts (E-FL). Roller bottle culture of these cell lines is limiting in terms of scale-up of adherent cells; Esco VacciXcell fixed-bed bioreactors including TideXcell® and CelCradle™, provides the linear scalability of scaling up instead of scaling out.

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