Overview | Esco VacciXcell

Animal health is inextricably linked to human and environmental or ecosystem health. Humans share the same space with animals; not only are we using similar resources but the global “pool” of pathogens as well. As a result of the continued expansion of housing and buildings, animal-human interaction gets closer every day. Climate change can also drive behavioral changes in animals which affects migratory patterns, distribution, and prey supply. The result is that the “pools” of pathogens which are only found in wildlife can now be tapped as we increase our contact.

This linkage of animal diseases to humans and the environment led to the conceptualization of One Health approach, which aims to address the issues of three systems – human, animal, and environmental health together and not as three separate contexts. One Health interactions of agencies include collaboration between public health, agricultural, and veterinary organizations. Keeping the sources, animals, healthy means the public is safe from potential disease transmission.

Animals are integral part of our ecosystem and society. There are a lot more reasons why we should keep animals healthy – from being food sources to providing diversity in the ecosystem.

Esco VacciXcell offers bioreactors that can be applied to each applications in animal health.