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CelCradle X® Semi-Automated Harvester

The Cradle's Harvester Partner

The CelCradle X® Semi-Automated Harvesting System (CCX-SAH) is used to harvest whole cells from the CelCradle bottle through automation by setting up various parameters.

This semi-automated cell harvesting of adherent CelCradle cultures includes but not limited to: Insect Cell, Mammalian Cell, Stem Cells

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CelCradle X<sup>®</sup> Semi-Automated Harvester


  • Mechanical dissociation of adherent cells from Tide Motion macroporous carriers
  • Automated harvesting run can be setup from washin to harvesting (secreted or non-secreted products) in a closed, automated manner.
  • Suitable for cell harvest from Celcradle X® System
  • Support for the cell seed source for TideXcell®-002 up to TideXcell®-100 systems.
  • Harvest viable animal cells within 1 to 3 hours (harvest time depends on harvest cycles).
  • Up to 1011 cells with viability above 95% could be recovered from one TCCHS unit


  • Mammalian cell harvest
  • Harvesting automation for secreted or non-secreted products