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CelCradle X® Semi-Automated Harvester

The Cradle's Harvester Partner

The CelCradle X Semi-Automated Harvesting System (CCX-SAH) is used to harvest whole cells from the CelCradle and CelCradle X® bottles through automation by setting up various parameters.

The semi automatic cell harvesting is achieved through the mounted peristaltic pumps that allow liquid addition/removal and whole cell harvest during the harvesting process.

This semi-automated cell harvesting of adherent CelCradle cultures includes but not limited to: Insect Cell, Mammalian Cell, Stem Cells. Aside from semi-automatic cell harvesting of adherent cells, obtaining intracellular viruses is also possible with CCX-SAH.

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CelCradle X<sup>®</sup> Semi-Automated Harvester


  • Mechanical dissociation of adherent cells from Tide Motion macroporous carriers

  • Automated harvesting run can be setup from washing to harvesting (secreted or non-secreted products) in a closed, automated manner

  • Suitable for cell harvest from CelCradle X® System

  • Support the cell seed source for TideXcell®-002 up to TideXcell®-100 systems

  • Harvest viable cells within 1 to 3 hours

  • Able to achieve more than 90% harvesting efficiency

Note: Cell harvest efficiency depends on the cell line and dissociation enzyme used with the semi-automatic harvesting system.


  • Autologous cell therapy
  • Mammalian cell harvest
  • Biomass harvesting for seed cell / seed train
  • Biomass harvesting for 3D bioprinting
  • Biomass harvesting for cellular agriculture/ lab grown meat
  • Harvesting automation for secreted or non-secreted products
  • Harvesting for intracellular viruses


  1. Preparation
    Disconnect the CelCradle/CelCradle X bottles from CelCradle/CelCradle X stage.
  2. Installation
    Mount and fix the bottle in the CCX-SAH incubator and connect to tubings and consumables.
  3. Enzymatic Digestion
    Pump dissociation enzyme or equivalent solution applicable to the cell line to detach the cells from the macrocarriers. Incubate the bottle to allow enzymes to perform activity through the whole culture.
  4. Inhibitor
    Pump enzyme inhibitor into the bottle.
  5. Detach
    Automatically shake the bottle. The speed and duration are inputted in the CCX-SAH semi-automated harvesting system.
  6. Harvesting
    Collect the solution in a collection bag. Pump media into the bottle.
  7. Repeat
    Repeat 5-6 three times on average.


  • Pump speed
  • Shaking speed
  • Duration of shaking/Delay per Step
  • Harvesting cycles
Frequently Asked Questions
The harvesting duration depends on the inputted harvest cycles. Run usually takes 1 to 3 hours.
Yes, recipes and alarms are recorded with date and time stamps.
AsterZyme, an optimized enzyme developed in-house (as the cell harvester manufacturer) for harvesting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that has been demonstrated to achieve 90% harvest efficiency.
es, the HMI can control both incubator and main SAH unit with pumps.
Adherent cells such as insect, mammalian, and stem cells are among the cells applicable for harvest using the system.
The CCX-SAH can accommodate 1 CelCradle 0.5ml bottle.

Product Specification

CelCradle® X Semi-Automated Harvesting System (CCX-SAH)

Exterior dimension (WxDxH) SAH: 928x380x822 mm
Incubator: 543x640x759 mm
Weight SAH: 50 kg
Incubator: 85 kg
Whole unit: 135 kg
Power Single phase, AC, 220 V, 50 Hz
Motor Shaker motor
Max Speed range 0-300 rpm
Tubing ID 9.6 mm(3/8”)*WT 3.2 mm(1/8”)
Capacity 1 CelCradle bottle
Consumable CelCradle Bottle Volume 500 ml
CelCradle Material PP
Incubator temperature range 20-38°C
Touchscreen Size Control panel: 7” color
Incubator HMI: 7” color