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Your 4-in-1 Bioreactor

The Hybrid bioreactor is a versatile bioreactor that can do four types of culture, namely: adherent culture using macrocarriers, adherent culture using microcarriers, suspension culture, and fermentation. This system is best used for research and development before scaling up to a larger bioreactor system.

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Tide Motion in VXL™Hybrid


  • Automated control of pH, DO, aeration, foaming, temperature, agitation, and level
  • Glass water jacketed vesssel heats to 37°C (±) 0.3 in just 30 minutes
  • Inoculation and sampling in a closed system
  • Working volume of up to 50 L
  • Touch Screen HMI Controller. One touch screen HMI controller can be connected


  • Research and Development/Scale up Studies
  • Human Vaccines
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Cell Therapy
  • Diagnostics
  • Small Scale Secreted Biologics Production
  • Secreted Extracellular Vesicles (e.g. Exosomes)
  • Virus Like Particles (VLPs)
  • Media Development
  • Animal Vaccines
  • Biosimilars/Biobetters
  • Gene Therapy
  • Pre-Screening
  • Secreted Virus (e.g. Rotavirus or Hog Cholera)
  • Proteins/Recombinant Proteins
  • Viral Vectors (e.g. AAV/LV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

VXL™ Hybrid - Tide Configuration

VXL™ Hybrid - Stirred Tank Configuration

Technical Specifications
Hybrid Bioreactor Control Unit

Control Unit Weight
Single 80 kg (177lbs)
Control Unit Dimensions
Single W460x D 637 x H 903 mm
Utility Connections
Power Supply 220 volts, max power consumption 5A
Gases 4x6mm external tubing diameter
Gas supply pressure, 10psi
oil & moisture-free
Water Water supply pressure- 1.5 M
Flow rate up to 10-12 lpm
Minimum temperature 13-14°C
L/S 35 Silicone for tubing
Control Unit
Housing Stainless Steel, AISI 304
Display HMI
Resolution 800x600
SCADA Communication Ethernet
Safety valve gas pressure 10 psi for Matrix Reactor Vessel and Suspension Vessel
Water inlet pressure reduction 0.15bar, integrated pressure control
Motor Drive
Direct Drive Power: 400W

Technical Specifications

Reactor Vessel Material
1 Liter and 7 Liter vessel
Total Volume: 1.5L and 8.2L
Borosilicate glass
14 Liter vessel Borosilicate glass/Stainless Steel
25 Liter vessel Stainless Steel
50 Liter vessel Stainless Steel
Vessel Dimensions
1 Liter D 116 x H 148 mm
7 Liter D 190 x H 320 mm
14 Liter D 240 x H 450mm
(scale up sizes for 1L-50L vessel is applicable for Tide Motion Principle only)
Sensor | Measurement Range |
Display Accuracy
Temperature PT-100 class A ; Deviation: ±(0.15+0.00 |t| ); 0°C-100°C
Dissolved oxygen Measurement Principle Amperometric/ Polarographic
Working Conditions
Pressure resistance measurement 0.2-6 bar absolute
(2.9-87.0 psi absolute)
Mechanical resistance measurement max. 12 bar absolute
(174.0 psi absolute)
Measuring temperature range 0...80°C (32…176 °F)
Temperature range -5…140°C (23…284°F)
Temperature compensation Automatic with built-in RTD
Cable connection VarioPin (IP 68) straight or angled K8S straight
(digital ISM sensors)
O-ring materia Silicone FDA and USPP VI approved
Membrane material PTFE/Silicone/PTFE
(reinforced with steel mesh)
Wetted metal parts Stainless steel
Special material on request
Surface roughness of wetted metal parts (ISO 1320:1992) N5 (< 0.4m [16in])
Quick disconnect interior body Standard
Cathode Pt
Anode Ag
Guard ring No
Sensor diameter 12 or 25 mm (0.47” or 0.96”)
Immersion length (a) for 12 mm sensor 70, 120, 220, 320, 420 mm.
(2.8, 4.7, 8.66, 12.6, 16.54”)
Immersion length (a) for 25 mm sensor 80, 160, 260, 360 mm
(3.15, 6.3, 10.24, 10.17”)
Detection limit 6ppb
Accuracy ≤ ±(1% + 6 ppb)
of reading in liquids
Response time at 25°C/77°F (air – N2) 98% of final value <90s
Sensor signal in ambient air (25°C/ 77°F) 50…110nA
Residual signal in oxygen-free medium <0.1% of the signal in ambient air
Maximum flow error ≤ 5%
3.1B (EN 10204.3/1.b) Yes
ATEX certificate Yes
FM Approval Yes
Quality control Yes
pH Measuring range pH 0…14
Temperature 0…80°C for operation
0…140°C for sterilization
Pressure resistance Up to overpressure of max. 6 bar (87psi)
Reference system Argenthal (Ag/AgCl)
Reference electrolyte Gel electrolyte
Diaphragm 1 ceramic diaphragm
Glass membrane HA, high alkali glass quality
Glass shaft Ø12 mm
Plug head K8S, Pg 13.5 thread
Foam Control Teflon insulated stainless steel
Level Teflon insulated stainless steel
Turbidity Dimension W 270 x D 200 x H 300 mm
Measuring principle Backscatter, 1-fiber
Sensor material DIN 1.4435 (316L)
Sensor diameter 12 mm
Insertion length 120, 205, 297, or 407 mm
Process connection Pg 13.5
Measuring range
Formazin Turbidity Units 1 10…40000 FTU
Suspended Solids (Diatomaceous earth as reference) 0…250 g/L
Cable connectors SMA
Cable lengths 3m (10ft) optica
Cable type Duplex HCS fiber, fixed
Wetted parts
Metals DIN 1.4435 (316L)
Plastic None
O-ring Viton-FDA
Sapphire spigot for fiber None
Sapphire window for fiber protection None
Working conditions:
Pressure range 0…6 bar (0…87psi)
Redox Dimension W 270 x D 170 x H 230 mm
Measuring range pH 0…12
Temperature 0…100°C in operation
0…130°C for sterilization
Pressure resistance From vacuum up to a process pressure of max 2.5
bar (36psi)
Reference system Argenthal (Ag/AgCl)
Reference electrolyte Pressurized gel electrolyte
Diaphragm 1 ceramic diaphragm
Glass shaft Ø12 mm
Plug head K8S, Pg 13.5 thread
RM load cells Weight:100 kg
Dimensions: (in mm) 330 X 330
Vessel Sizing and Volume
Model M-1000 M-5000
Total Volume (L) 1.5 8.2
Maximum Working Volume (L) for Suspension Culture 0.6-1.1 4.5-7
Depth (mm) 116 190
Height (mm) 148 320
Recommended BioNOC II Matrix volume [ml] 180 1000
Recommended amount BioNOC II Matrix in grams 10 55
Aspect Ratio 1:2.5 (for suspension) 1:3 (for microbial culture)
Specifications* of VXL Hybrid Bioreactor Adherent Cell Culture Suspension Cell Culture Fermentation Microcarrier-Based Cell Culture
Model M-1000 M-5000 M-1000 M-5000 M-1000 M-5000 M-1000 M-5000
Vessel Material Borosilicate Glass
Temperature Range 20ºC - 70ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 10 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 20 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 10 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 20 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 10 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 20 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC 10 ºC-70 ºC Precision: 0.1 ºC
Baffle N/A YES YES N/A
Top Stirrer Motor 10-1200rpm
Impeller speed 25-200r pm 50-1200 rpm 50-1200 rpm 25-400 rpm
Impeller Design** Small 6-Blade Rushton Turbine 3-Pitched-Blade Turbine and 3-Marine-Blade Propeller Large 6-Blade Rushton Turbine 3-Pitched-Blade Turbine and 3-Marine-Blade Propeller
Ventillation Ring Sparger Micro-Sparger Ring Sparger Ring Sparger
Drive Method Tide: KNF brushless motor with air pump, controlled by PID or constant voltage direct drive. Mixing: Top direct servo motor with PID/PWM control Mixing: Top direct servo motor with PID/PWM control
Condenser Stainless steel condenser with 0.2 um disk type or cartridge type filter
pH Range pH 4-14 Precision: 0.01
DO Range 0-100 % Precision: 0.01%
Aeration 10L/min Precision: 2%
Emerging Time 0-100mins N/A
Submerging Time 0-100mins N/A
Liquid Level Control High Level Sensor Electronic Scale
Sampling liquid: sampling bottle; matrix: sample port liquid: sampling bottle
Foaming Control N/A YES YES YES
Control Unit 8.4” HMI
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice