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Tide Motion Bioreactors

Linearly Scalable bioreactors
From CelXrocker™, CelCradle™ or CelCradle™ X, to TideXcell™, cell seed preparation uses the same principle and parameters. This reduces the bioprocessing time and costs associated with optimization of the seed train for larger scale manufacturing
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Tide Motion Bioreactors

3,500 up to 5,000 L

Tide 2mm/s: 3,000 - 5,000 L (st. st. tanks)
Tide 6mm/s: 55,000 L

Large st. st. tank,scale for secreted virus production, viral vectors, cellular agriculture (optional edible scaffolds), or biosimilars/biobetters

300 L

100 L

20 L

2 L

CelCradle ™

with Semi-automated Harvester Esco standalone bioreactor. Single Bottle, Optional Docking to Isolator.

CelCradle™ + CelShaker™

Early stage research and development. One stage can occupy 4 CelCradle bottles, integrated inside client's CO2 incubator. Manual control


2D Tide proof of concept (POC) quick data seed ~20,000-60,000 cells per carrier