Single-Use Closed Sampling Port

Single-use matrix vessels feature patent pending closed sampling ports, which consists of a basket immersed within the matrix vessel and connected to the sampling port tube on the lid of the matrix vessel. During sampling, a cord in the sampling port is pulled, bringing along with it the small basket of carriers. Once the basket is out of the matrix vessel, the sampling port tube is sealed to prevent contamination. This allows in-process QC without the risk of contamination and allows cytopathic effect (CPE) to be monitored. Sampling ports can be placed in different parts of the packed bed to allow determination of CPE and better bioprocessing in-process quality control.

Qualitative tests for cells must be done through the direct sampling of carriers performed in a biosafety cabinet. Quantitative tests, on the other hand, can be performed directly by carrier sampling through single-use matrix sampling port or indirectly by measurement of glucose uptake rate.

Note: Close sampling ports are only available in TideXcell™ matrix vessels
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Single-Use Closed Sampling Port

Product Specification

Features TCICS: 2-20L TCICS: 2-10L
Matrix Vessel 2 L 10 L 20 L 100 L
Multiple-Use Single-Use Multiple-Use Multiple-Use Single-Use Multiple-Use Single-Use
Matrix Volume 1-2 L 5-10 L 10-20 L 50-100 L
Close Sampling Port No. 0 1 0 0 1-4 0 1-5
Pre-packed carrier (g) 0 55
0 0 275
0 2750
Material Glass PP Glass SS PP SS PP
Autofeeder Intergrated/AF-1200 AF-1200
Note: The number of single-use sampling port depends on the size of the single-use matrix vessel utilized

Single-use Sensors

Tide Motion systems allow the use of single-use sensors. Single-use sensors avoid the need to calibrate, sterilize and make connections to the bag, thereby saving time, labor and avoiding process risks by increasing efficiencies and significantly reducing contamination risk.