GlucCell® Glucose Monitoring System

Glucose Monitoring at Your FingerTips

GlucCell® glucose monitoring system simplifies and accelerates glucose measurement during cell culture. The disposable glucose test strips enable the measurement of glucose concentration during mammalian cell and insect cell culture in a few seconds. Just insert the strip, add the sample, and read the results.
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GlucCell<sup>®</sup>  Glucose Monitoring System


Glucose, one of the most vital biomolecules, is a simple six-carbon sugar that is utilized as the primary sugar source of mammalian cells, bacteria, and yeast. With this, it is often the limiting factor in cell culture, making glucose monitoring a crucial step during the process. Optimal glucose concentrations are critical for the cells’ growth and for the process’ product yield.

It is important to observe the patterns in the variation of glucose levels that occur in response tothe cell’s consumptionn, since monitoring this type of metabolic condition is an especially important factor in bioprocesses such as fermentation or mammalian cell culture where the products are not the cells themselves but the proteins they secrete. In cell culture, having excess amounts of glucose can decrease the rate of cells’ proliferation and can increase the rate of cell apoptosis. Meanwhile, inadequate levels of glucose in the media may lead cells to starve and can overall affect their propagation.

GlucCell®, a glucose meter specifically designed for monitoring glucose in cell culture, provides immediate information on the condition of the cells. It would be easier to eliminate undesirable fluctuations in glucose levels because results are shown real-time and is generated within 15 seconds. This monitoring system has also been calibrated with glucose standards in medium and buffer solution giving results as accurate as possible, with less than 3.5% error.



  • Calibration-free – Easy, Plug-and-play and ready to use.
  • High Accuracy - Greater than 90% accuracy, 95% precision, and 0.9997 linearity.
  • Maintenance-free – Inexpensive which is 1% cost of a bioanalyzer.
  • Portable – Compact, palm-size, and lightweight.
  • Easy-to-read Display – Results are shown on a large numeric display.
  • Disposable - Prevents cross-contamination.

Product Highlights

Portable Meter and Disposable Test Strips
Small Sample Volume and Fast Analysis
Safe and Secure Handling
Accurate and Reliable Results

Portable Meter and Disposable Test Strips

GlucCell® is a complete package with a portable meter and disposable test strips suitable for glucose measurement of both serum and serum-free culture media. It can be used for both mammalian and insect cell culture. The meter weighs only 70g and fits perfectly in a side pocket. GlucCell®’s small and compact size allows measurements to be done right next to the culturing device (i.e. bioreactors, fermenters). It is also small enough to work comfortably under a biosafety cabinet.

The portable design and interface of the GlucCell® meter are very intuitive, making it easy to use with minimal to no learning curve. The meter can store up to 180 test results with corresponding time and date, making the recording of important data convenient and effective.

gluccell and strip

Small Sample Volume and Fast Analysis

The specially designed glucose test strip requires only 1.5 μl of sample volume of culture media in order to accurately analyze the glucose concentration.

Unlike the desktop biochemical analyzers that requires a few minutes to produce a numerical, actionable result, the GlucCell® meter boast of being able to measure and display the result within just 15 seconds, ensuring minimal process and decision making delay for end users.

gluccell sample

Safe and Secure Handling

Its size and portability allows end user to easily move it under a biosafety cabinet where the testing process can be done. The specially designed glucose test strip are also single use, ensuring that there would be no issues of cross-contamination. The GlucCell® gives end users much more flexibility on where and how to do their task.

gluccell 986

Accurate and Reliable Results

GlucCell® Glucose Monitoring System is capable of achieving results greater than 90% accuracy, 95% precision, and 0.9997 linearity. Moreover, the result is 99.5% correlated with other expensive biochemical analyzers.

glucose 986
glucose graph

Figure 1. Comparison of glucose concentration measurement by various blood glucose meters

Figure 1 demonstrates the accuracy of GlucCell as a monitoring system of glucose in cell cultures. Compared to other commercially available blood glucose meters, it was highly evident that only the GlucCell® can be adopted for the glucose measurement in cell cultures, despite the other blood glucose meters having the same design based on the same principle and methodology. The results were particularly influenced by the fact that GlucCell® was specifically calibrated and designed for cell culture application as compared to others which were calibrated for different procedures such as blood monitoring, giving huge room for error. Since blood contains a wide array of molecules, of which some interfere with the glucose enzyme coupled with redox reactions, blood glucose self-monitoring devices need to be calibrated and formulated with those factors under consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?

GlucCell® Glucose monitoring system has been calibrated to accurately measure glucose in culture medium. Other disposable glucose meter are specifically used in the measurement of glucose concentration in blood, and as a result, provides higher percentage in error in measuring glucose in culture medium since it contains different substances compared to blood.
The GlucCell® Glucose monitoring system is intended for in vitro analysis use with cell culture medium. The system should not be used for diagnosis of diabetes.

Product Specification

Test Sample Mammalian cell culture medium or buffer solution
Test Result Glucose concentration in mg/dL or mmol/L
Sample Size 1.5 μL
Measuring Time Less than 15 seconds
Measuring Range 20 – 600 mg/dL (1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L).
Alarm HI when over 600 mg/dL,
LO when over 20 mg/dL
Operating Temp. Range 10°C~40°C(50° F~104° F)
Operating Relative Humidity 20%~80% RH
Memory Capacity Store up to 180 test results with date and time
Power Supply One 3-volt Lithium Battery
Battery Life Approximately 1000 tests
Automatic shut-off In 3 minutes