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BioNOC™ II Sampling for Process Development

Tide Motion systems, through the use of BioNOC™ II macrocarriers, allow individual carrier sampling for PAT/IPQC purposes. Cell counting can be done by sampling individual BioNOC™ II and staining it with crystal violet dye (CVD).

Note: Stain to be used for cell monitoring will depend on the cell line used.
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BioNOC™ II Sampling for Process Development

CelCradle™ | Carrier Sampling | Esco VacciXcell
Esco Aster Pte Ltd • 332 views • August 17, 2016

Carrier sampling can be done in the CelCradle™ system. Bring the CelCradle™ bottle inside the biological safety cabinet (BSC) to make sure the sterility of the environment is met. Using pre-sterilized forceps, take out BioNOC™ II macrocarriers for sampling. CelCradle™ Bioreactor System carrier sampling. Cell monitoring can be done by sampling the BioNOC™ II macrocarriers: - Bring the CelCradle™ bottle to a BSC. - Use forceps to take out carriers from the CelCradle™ bottle for sampling. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reach us through our other social media accounts! Website: LinkedIn: E-mail: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: @escolifesciences Esco Aster BTI Joint Lab Allogeneic Car T Centre of Excellence in Bioprocessing # 05-01, Centros 20 Biopolis Way, Singapore 138668 +65 6256 7950 Esco AsterMavors Cellular Agriculture and Alternative Proteins (Food) Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139951 +65 6251 9361 Esco AsterTide PD-Phase 2 CTM (Cells/Viruses/EVs) Blk 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139950 +65 6251 9361 Esco Aster Fermentation (Plasmids) 21 Changi South Street 1 Singapore 486777 +65 6542 0833 #EscoVacciXcell #EscoAster #Bioprocessing #CelCradle #CarrierSampling #BioprocessInActionWithAdherentTideMotion #Bioreactor