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Egg-based to Closed System | Esco VacciXcell

Egg-based to Closed System

Influenza is a serious public health problem and results in a higher rate of mortality than other infectious diseases combined. Global influenza epidemics emerge seasonally, and health authorities recommend that yearly vaccination is the most effective method for protection. Several vaccines such as inactivated, live-attenuated, quadrivalent, and pandemic influenza vaccines are available to target specific influenza strains. While this may be true, production of Influenza Vaccines for emerging threats has a limited timeframe depicting a crucial step for its release in the market. Vaccines can be produced faster through technologies available today however, period time for strain selection remains similar for all production platforms.

There are two principal methodologies for Vaccine production: embryonated chicken eggs and mammalian cell culture. The process workflows are presented in the following section.