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Current status of Cell culture-derived Influenza Vaccines | Esco VacciXcell

Current status of Cell culture-derived Influenza Vaccines

Despite advances in cell culture–based vaccines, egg-based vaccines continue to be popular and represent the mainstay of influenza vaccine production. For this reason, it is necessary for further development of cell culture-based vaccines. Creating a flexible and scalable system to supply influenza vaccines for the world's population while considering safety and cost-effectiveness remains one of the major challenges of the influenza vaccine industry and the national and international public health agencies. These advances will be necessary to respond to a pandemic outbreak of influenza virus, which is predicted as a potential threat in the upcoming years.

There has been some studies which aim to genetically engineer eggs for optimizing Virus production. In parallel, genetic manipulation of cell lines such as Vero are also in progress for the same reason. However, experts in the Vaccine field concur that unless clear-cut demonstrable