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Key Advantages | Esco VacciXcell

Key Advantages

Key advantages of 3D cell culture models
  1. 3D cell cultures can replicate natural physiological conditions, can have the same cytoarchitecture and can mimic the in vivo cellular complexity. This provides an opportunity for high dosage testing of bacteria and virus and resistance to a particular dosage can be identified.
  2. Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) studies can be done more precisely without the need for sacrificing innocent animals
  3. ADMET studies from 3D cell culture models can provide more closely relevant data and provide a better predictive outcome in humans.
  4. Operating expenditures can be reduced depending upon the type of bioreactors and carriers employed
  5. 3D cell cultures can be useful for testing bacteria, viruses, cancer cell lines, and parasites.
  6. A greater control on dosage and metabolic profiles
Advantages of using TideXcellâ„¢ bioreactor for 3D cell cultures
  • 3D in vivo like Culture Environment
  • True Linear Scalability
  • Closed cell harvesting system
  • Hybrid System
  • Difficult Viruses
  • Even seeding
  • Isolator Capability
  • cGMP References
  • SCADA enabled with 21 CFR part 11 compliance and CSV