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StirCradle™ Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Stirring Up Your Microbial Culture

StirCradle is a desk-type bioreactor/fermenter for microorganism culture. By combining the vessel, workbench, controller and peristalic pumps into one integrated system, this patented system effectively provides the most capacity for a small footprint. The StirCradle is ideal for research and development involving microorganism or animal and plant cell cultures.


  • The patented design of the mixing system optimizes DO control during high density culturing

  • Can be used with oxygen enrichment devices and/or multiple gas devices to achieve ideal gas mix for cell culture

  • Vessel can be easily changed to suit different applications

  • Lightweight and small footprint vs similar competitor models

  • Patented chassis thermal loop interchange design to provide the best temperature control

  • Four (4) built-in peristaltic pumps (with option to add up to 3 more) with assignable functions.

  • Two integrated USB ports for ease of saving online data to external memory eliminating the need for a dedicated PC.

  • Datalog can record for up to 25 days with one (1) or two (2) minute/s intervals for all parameters.

  • 8”TFT Full ColorTouch Screen for Human-Machine Interface with easily replaceable panel membrane

  • Able to save up to 20 customized culture settings (with 50 culture conditions each)

  • Equipped with an easy-to-detach stainless steel condenser for easy cleaning

  • Can connect to downstream processing equipment to obtain high concentration of desired product

  • Exhaust gas analyzer can be connected to the internet for online monitoring

  • Free remote monitoring App viewable in smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs (static IP address required)


  • Research and Development
  • Proteomics
  • Laboratory-scale of fermentation processes, cells, or manufacturing biopharmaceuticals


  • Real time data logging
  • Continuous recording up to 25 days with either 1 minute or 2 minutes interval per recording
  • Zoom in/out option
  • Integrated USB port for saving .xls files to external memory for data analysis and reports
  • The angle of the HMI monitor can be adjusted to provide a comfortable working environment for the operator
  • Vessel glass is made of either PYREX (U.S.) or SCHOTT (Germany) material.
  • Rigid, heat-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof
  • Vessel base and support is made of stainless steel (SS316) that undergoes three manual polishing and electrolysis polishing (Ra<0.42µm)
  • The internal base of the vessel is designed with an arc to eliminate stagnation zone making it effective for culturing fungus or hypha.
  • Bottom heating plate has an integrated overheat protection and will not get hot when misused
  • The size of the heating plate is so small that it can fit into a medicine cabinet easily
  • Dynamic and interactive display for easy retention and reduced operator error
    • Real-time actuation with illustrated graphic effect
    • Real-time data display and recording
  • System can be equipped with 12 different impellers
  • Impellers can be applied with anti-stick coating if required
  • 1-1,200 operating rpm provides a wide range of culture shearing force
  • Patented Down Suction Distributed Impeller increases the amount of dissolved oxygen
  • User access is divided into eight (8) authority levels providing security to R&D or academic research data
  • Six (6) sensor/probe ports are located on the head plate allowing the operator to choose the configurations for probes and sensors
  • Four (4) assignable peristaltic pumps can be assigned for Acid, Alkaline, Feed or Anti-foam related activities. These pumps can be set as manual or automatic with adjustable speeds.
  • The system is made of stainless steel providing rigidity and easy cleaning
  • The 750w AC servo motor is brushless and maintenance free
  • Easy set-up. Simply mount the servo motor on the guided motor shaft.
  • Light weight and easily movable


  • Temperature control
  • Anti-foam conditions
  • Speed control
  • Feed conditions
  • pH control
  • DO control
  • Air control
Frequently Asked Questions
Airflow rate control is achieved by mass flow controller (MFC).
Foaming can be controlled in 2-ways: (1) using antifoam as surfactants, and (2) putting pressure on top to prevent foaming. Using antifoam should be done in consideration with sensitivity of the cells. Natural surfactants can also be considered as they are often non-toxic.
StirCradle-Pro is a bioreactor for large scale culture of cells designed with an impeller system for balancing and mixing of microorganisms to achieve a homogenous concentration inside the bioreactor.
Microbial and suspension cell lines can also be cultured in large scale stirred tank bioreactors.
StirCradle-Pro is applicable as a large scale bioreactor for bacterial culture and suspension culture in batch, fed-batch, continuously-batch, semi-continuous, and high-density modes.
Setpoints for control parameters vary between cell lines, strains, and microorganisms. Hence, these need to be optimized for the particular process.
Dual impeller configuration is usually recommended for large scale bioreactors. Studies can be performed to determine the best configuration via kLa values.
No, comb type foam breaker is not applicable for the agitator of StirCradle-Pro.

Product Specification



StirCradle 5L

StirCradle 7.5L

StirCradle 10L

Nominal Volume




Working Volume

1.3 ~ 4.0L

2 ~ 6.0L

2.5 ~ 8.0L

Tank N.W.

9 kg

10.5 kg

11.5 kg

Maximum Height
(Consider Placing Autoclave)

460 mm
(with condenser)

640 mm
(with condenser)

570 mm
(with condenser)

Maximum Outer Diameter

196 mm

220 mm

245 mm



AC servo drive with automatic feedback system able to  compensate for speed and torque


1 ~ 1200 rpm (adjustable in increments of 1rpm)


Optical coupler


PID human-machine touch panel control

Mixing blades

Includes two sets of Turbine six-blade type mixing blade and one set of whipped wing. Other Impellers are optional


Touch screen HMI dynamic display

 Oxygen Transfer Rate

 350 mM O2/L/Hr or higher



Cooling water +5 ? to 80 ° C ± 0.1 ° C, or when using an external cooling system +4 ? to 80 ° C. ± 0.1 ° C, rapid temperature changes 1 ? / min (25 ~ 45 ?)


PT 100Ω


PID human-machine touch panel control with automatic over-temperature protection


Flow Adjustment System

Mass flow meter. A reserved second gas port is available for additional gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia and other special gases

Air Flow

0~10.00 nL/min


Quick release air sparging to minimize the bubbles and effectively increase the OTR value


0.2μm PTFE Millipore

Exhaust System


0.2μm PTFE Millipore


Stainless steel water-cooled condenser can be easily disassembled


Set / Display Range

0~14.00 ±0.01

Control Mode

PID human-machine touch panel control. Gas or liquid can be selected as agent (ex, ammonia or liquid ammonia).


Mettler Toledo / Ingold Type or Hamilton Type


Setting Range

0~100.0% ±0.1

Display Range

0~200.0% ±0.1

Control Mode

PID human-machine touch panel control with programmable commands


Mettler Toledo / Ingold Type or Hamilton Type (Can be shared)



Manual or automatic control with adjustable speed. Can be installed with five different sizes of silicon tubes (0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 3.6mm, and 4.8mm diameter).


0 to 100% speed adjustable, flow control 

The Overall Size of







Power Supply

220VAC single-phase

Display Screen 

8 "industrial grade touch panel. TFT LCD. 65,535 colored


Compatible RS232C standard communication interface for PC link control (Remote control), can also be changed into RS422 or RS485

Record Output

2 USB ports for saving data into external memory