Your CelCradle™ Harvester Companion

CelShaker™ has rotary arms that can perform 15° tilted shaking and hold up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles in an inverted position.
The cell culture shaker can simulate the shaking action of the human wrist efficiently knocking out cells from being bound to the macroporous carriers. This allows for semi-automated harvesting from CelCradle™ cultures (CelCradle™ and CelCradle™ X systems), replacing the tedious manual tapping of the bottles.
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Tide Technology Features


  • Adjustable speed - allows adjustments on the CelShaker™ depending on the cell line and application
  • Vibration damper - reduces vibration and keeps the shaker in place
  • Time operation - gives the user control over the harvesting period
  • High harvesting efficiency - allows harvesting using the adherent cell culture shaker of more than 90% of cells


  • Semi-automated harvesting from CelCradle™ culture

CelShaker™ product 1 CelShaker™ product 1 with label


  1. Preparation

  2. Rinse

    Rinse the bottles with PBS or equivalent solution to remove serum that could affect the activity of the enzymes for the next steps.
  3. Enzymatic Digestion

    Add dissociation enzyme or equivalent solution applicable to the cell line to detach the cells from the macrocarriers. Incubate the bottle to allow enzymes to perform activity through the whole culture.
  4. Inhibitor

  5. Installation

    Secure CelCradle™ bottles in the rotary arms of the CelShaker™.
  6. Detach

    Input speed and duration in the adherent cell culture shaker and start the cycle time.
  7. Harvesting

    Collect the solution in a collection vessel. Add media into the bottle.
  8. Repeat

    Repeat 6-7 three times but exclude addition of media into the last harvest. Collect all cells by centrifugation.


  1. Mixing speed
  2. Time
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

The system uses a combination of enzymatic (addition of enzymes prior to setup of the bottle in the cell culture shaker) and mechanical (wrist shaking action) to efficiently harvest the cells.
The cell culture shaker should be used after the addition of the enzyme inhibitor, inverting, and swirling to allow carriers to be at the bottom. The bottles shall then be secured in the CelShaker™.
The harvesting duration depends on the cell line being cultured. Run usually takes ~3 minutes at 400 rpm to complete.
As the cell culture shaker manufacturer, we recommend AsterZyme, an optimized enzyme developed in-house for harvesting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that has been demonstrated to achieve 90% harvest efficiency.
Adherent cell culture cells can be harvested and demonstrated at least 90% efficiency for Vero, MSC, and HEK-293T cell lines.
The CelShaker™ can accommodate1 to 4 CelCradle™ 0.5 L bottles.

Product Specification

CelShaker Technical Specifications

Description Wrist action shaker
Capacity Up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles
Mixing angle 0-15°
Shaking motion Wrist motion
Timer 0 - 999 min (1 min increment)
0 - 999 min (1 min increment) 50-450 rpm
Electrical requirements 220-240 VAC
Dimension 290 x 310 x 375 mm
325 x 310 x 375 mm (with rotary arms)
Net weight 50 kg