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Your CelCradle™ Harvester Companion
CelShaker™ has rotary arms that can perform 15° tilted shaking and hold up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles in inverted position.
The shaker can simulate the shaking action of the human wrist efficiently knocking out cells from being bound to the macroporous carriers. This allows for semi-automated harvesting from CelCradle™ cultures (CelCradle™ and CelCradle™ X systems), replacing the tedious manual tapping of the bottles.
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  • Adjustable speed - allows adjustments depending on the cell line and application
  • Vibration damper - reduces vibration and keeps the shaker in place
  • Time operation - gives the user control over the harvesting period
  • High harvesting efficiency - allows harvesting of more than 90% of cells


  • Semi-automated harvesting from CelCradle™ culture