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VacciXcell conducts product training for International Atomic Energy Agency

By Esco Healthcare 11 August, 2016
VacciXcell team with Dr. Mudasser Habib


Dr. Mudasser Habib, is a principal scientist whose research focuses on the development of vaccine for PPR virus for goat cells has participated in a product training for  CelCradle™, TideCell™ and StirCradle™, bioreactors conducted by the VacciXcell Esco Healthcare last August 1-12, 2016 at the Aster BioPharma CDMO Lab, Singapore. Topics covered include proper handling and operation of the equipment, practical demonstrations, cell culture and sampling, and harvesting of the product.  The last leg of the training consisted of expert discussions regarding other featured laboratory equipment of Esco such as CO2 incubators, Biological Safety Cabinets, and Centrifuge.   

Dr. Habib who works at the Vaccine Development Group, Animal Sciences Division, of Nuclear Institute Agriculture and Biology in Faisabalad, Pakistan, has been granted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) funding for his research and thus, was able to purchase eight CelCradle™ bioreactors. IAEA, according to its website, “ is the world's central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field. It works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, contributing to international peace and security and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal.”


Media Preparation and Cell Inoculation for CelCradle™


Efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability are vital to Dr. Habib's research and as such  CelCradle™ is a highly recommended bioreactor that is capable of high density adherent cell culture. With tide motion as the driving principle behind its technology, the inoculated cells are alternately exposed to aeration and nutrition via the gentle vertical oscillation of the culture medium. This makes it more advantageous over other type of bioreactors due to its large surface area, low shear stress, high aeration, and foam-free feature.  It is also the only single-use packed bed bioreactor that has true linear scalability from bench-scale to production scale allowing bioprocessing time and labor to be significantly reduced. 


Product Demonstration of TideCell™


On the other hand, the TideCell™ is a pilot and production-scale bioreactor also operating under the tide motion principle. It is linearly scalable up to 5000 L with a closed, automated and controlled cell harvesting. A highly productive bioreactor, it is the world's only pilot/production scale bioreactor that can be integrated into a  cGMP isolator. Operation of the TideCell™ was demonstrated to Dr. Habib and he was even given a chance to experience handling the said bioreactor.




Lastly, Dr. Habib was also given a product demonstration of StirCradle™, a bioreactor that functions under the stir principle. The StirCradle™, is a stirred tank bioreactor/fermentor that works best for microorganisms , plant cells and suspension cells. Ideal for an R&D/Lab scale set-up, the StirCradle™ is available in three sizes - 5.0L, 7.5L, and 10.0L.

For customers who are interested in our products, we are offering training courses for our products and a live demo of our bioreactors and fermenters upon request. Please contact us here for more information.