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Cell Processing Center

VacciXcell offers a bio-workstation designed to help facilitate in cell therapy productions. The Cell Processing Center is a self-contained system that delivers an efficient and cost-effective cCMP-compliant processing and manufacturing solution for cell processing. It is equipped with centrifuge, incubator, shaker, and other necessary equipment for cell isolation and handling.

The Cell Processing Center can be easily customized and designed to fit the user’s requirements.


  • Bio-workstation with HEPA-filtered airflow and UV sterilization. Air circulation can be single pass or recirculating

  • Esco Orbicult™ Benchtop Incubator Shaker

  • Esco Versati™ Centrifuge

  • Foot switch designed to stop/start centrifuge and shaker

  • Pressure gauge to monitor differential pressure across filters and alert user to any need for filter replacement

  • Customizable design


  • Stem cell isolation
  • Cell handling and manufacturing
  • cGMP production of autologous and allogeneic cells