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Vaccine BioProcessing Seminar

By Esco Healthcare 24 May, 2016

One of VacciXcell’s main visions is a world of vaccine self-sufficiency for all nations, including developing ones and conducting free end-user seminars is one of VacciXcell’s ways to fulfil this vision. These end-user seminars help increase awareness of current news and situations in the vaccine industry and as well as the latest trends and techniques in vaccine bioprocessing; moreover VacciXcell’s end-user seminars could be about general vaccine bioprocessing or focused particularly on animal or human vaccine bioprocessing. One of the highlights in VacciXcell’s vaccine bioprocessing seminars are VacciXcell’s tide motion system, which is an ideal platform for the research and production of vaccines both for human and animal use for its high productivity, low production cost, and true linear scalability.


Esco VacciXcell's TideCell® 2L System


VacciXcell conducted two successful end-user seminars on vaccine bioprocessing this month.

The first seminar was held last May 11 in Jakarta, Indonesia and was organized by VacciXcell and Esco Utama, in partnership with Infovet Indonesia. The seminar was entitled “Bioreactor needs for developing nations: Zoonotic Outbreaks” and focused on bioprocessing trends and techniques for the research and production of veterinary vaccines. The seminar was attended and well-received by different researchers and scientists from various animal health institutions. VacciXcell’s CelCradle™, which was put on display and demo, drew great interest from all attendees.



The second seminar was held last May 17 in Bangkok, Thailand and was organized by Esco VacciXcell and Esco Life Sciences Thailand. The seminar was entitled “BioProcessing Technologies” and discussed about trends on bioprocessing both upstream and downstream. Esco VacciXcell’s TideCell® was exhibited and a short training course was conducted on the operation of the TideCell®. The seminar was likewise attended by scientists, production managers, researchers, and professors from various fields such as human and animal vaccine and recombinant protein.



For those who were not able to attend these seminars but would like to learn about the sessions. You can download the session presentation here : . You can also contact the VacciXcell Team today to arrange a free end-user seminar for your institution.