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Esco VacciXcell News

Esco Launches VacciXcell and TapestleRx

By Esco Healthcare 9 November, 2015

Esco group of companies is excited to launch 2 new platforms VacciXcell and TaPestle Rx!

VacciXcell provides design and manufacturing of single use and SIP bioreactors for the vaccine and cell therapy industry as well as being a sales and marketing arm of entire Esco Group Life Sciences Tools and partner companies that enter into this industry. VacciXcell aim is to provide developing countries with distributed manufacturing to allow vaccine self-sufficiency based on her innovative tide based bioreactors. VacciXcell is Esco's social entrepreneurship in line with our Group's vision to provide enabling technologies to make human lives safer and healthier. Find out more at

TaPestle Rx provides design and build services within Asean/Anz for Pharmacy Compounding and other Healthcare Facilities as well as being the sales and marketing arm globally for Esco Pharma Isolators that enter into the Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy compounding industry. As Pharmacy Compounding standards globally following the New England Case in USA are brought in line with cGMP standards, Esco is once again the pioneer in providing cGMP Isolators into the developing world building bridges to the world. TaPestle Rx is also our distribution arm for other partner products that enter into the pharmacy compounding industry within Asia Pacific. Find out more at