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Why Wave When You Can Tide

By Esco Healthcare 20 April, 2017

Tide motion is a novel and innovative system for high density culture of adherent cells. Learn why tide motion can solve all your adherent culture problems!

Why Choose Tide Motion?

Tide motion is the proprietary technology of Esco VacciXcell bioreactors. Tide motion technology uses a gentle upward and downward motion to provide unlimited oxygenation and efficient nutrition phases to the cells being cutlured without any shear stress. This allows tide motion bioreactors to culture high amount of cells without worrying about overcrowding, cell debris and cell death.

Applications of Tide Motion

Tide motion bioreactors are able to culture all type of adherent cells for different industrial, pharmaceutical and clinical uses. Some of the applications of tide motion are in producing:

Virus for Vaccine Production

Proteins for Biosimilars/Biobetters

Stem cells for cell therapy

Viral vectors for gene therapy

Save with Tide Motion

Tide motion bioreactors are the only truly linearly scalable bioreactors allowing industries to save time, operational cost, R&D cost and even man power cost. Being truly linearly scalable, same parameters are used from the 0.1L lab scale up to the 5,000L production scale, removing lengthy developmental and optimization processes usually attibuted to scaling up. Tide motion bioreactors are also automated, removing the need for constant monitoring during the culture process.

Tide Motion Bioreactor Scale Up Diagram