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Know Why Industries are Going with the New Tide

By Esco Healthcare 7 March, 2017

Cell culture using mammalian cells has been used in bioprocessing and biopharmaceutical to produce a variety of life saving products. Mammalian cells are preferred by scientists and industries due to its relatively closer resemblance to human cells as compared to microbial, plants or insect cells. The challenge of using mammalian cells however has always been in the culture and proliferation of the cells.


In-vivo-like Culture Environment

Having an in-vivo-like culture environment ensures that the cells will grow in its innate environment thus preserving its natural characteristics and properties

Minimal Shear Stress

Mammalian cells are extremely sensitive to shear stress. Increase in cell death and cell debris within the broth occurs when mammalian cells are subjected to shear stress. This proves to be problematic for stirred tank systems that rely on stirring for homogenization

Unlimited Oxygenation

Mammalian cells require ample oxygen in order to grow and proliferate properly. In small systems this is easy to achieve but as the scale gets bigger, oxygen gradients begin to form and some of the cells would be deprived on oxygen resulting in cell death


Tidemotion bioreactors provide everything needed for in-vitro mammalian cell culture. Tidemotion provides a 3D in-vivo-like through proprietary macrocarrier, BioNOC II. Tidemotion bioreactors also has a very gentle motion used in oxygenation and nutrient transfer for cells, minimizing shear stress to almost zero. On top of this, dual oxygenation method is used in tidemotion bioreactors, ensuring proper oxygenation of every cell regardless of scale.