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GlucCell: Your Glucose Meter Partner

By Esco Healthcare 9 August, 2017

Glucose is the main source of energy for cells specially in in-vitro cultures. Glucose gives cells the required energy in order to grow and proliferate. Sadly reserchers and scientists around the globe do not know the proper levels of glucose required by their culture. Learn why measuring glucose is important and what is the best way to do it.


Cells require different levels of glucose throughout the duration of the cell culture process. Too much or too little glucose can prove disastrous to the cells being culture. Too little and cells won't have the energy required to grow and proliferate while too much would immerse the cells in a diabetic environment thus changing their properties.

These common problems can easily be avoided by regularly measuring glucose.




Glucose measurement should be done in regular intervals and under stringent laboratory standards. The portability of GlucCell® allows users to put it in their pocket and measure glucose anywhere, anytime. The single-use test strip is designed to prevent contamination even in the most sensitive applications



Though GlucCell® is small in size, its accuracy rivals those of the bulkier biochemical analyzers. It only takes less than 3ul of sample and less than 15 seconds to provide an accurate glucose measurement with only 10% tolerance. GlucCell® allows users to be efficient and accurate at the same time



Regardless of the culture media used or reagents added, GlucCell® provides accurate glucose measurement with precision of 95%. Whether it be serum or serum-free media, GlucCell® is the partner of choice for reliable glucose measurement






Glucose Monitoring System


  • Portable Meter and Disposable Test Strips
  • Small Sample Volume and Fast Analysis
  • Safe and Secure Handling
  • Accurate and Reliable Results