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Do not let Yellow Fever ruin Summer

By Esco Healthcare 10 May, 2017

Planning for a vacation to that tropical paradise? Aside from having your plane ticket, hotel and itinerary ready maybe you should also consider getting vaccinated for yellow fever. Do not let yellow ruin your summer!

Yellow Fever is a viral illness caused by infected mosquitoes. They are usually found in tropical and subtropical areas and causes a wide range of symptoms from a simple fever to liver failure with bleeding. As such,travellers that will vacation to tropical and subtropical areas are recommended to get vaccinated.

Prevention of Yellow Fever is similar to other mosquito-borne diseases such as using pest repellant and getting vaccinated. It must be noted however that Yellow Fever vaccine only provides protection ten (10) days after getting vaccinated.

Flavivirus, the virus that causes yellow fever, can be cultured using BHK-21 cells. Once there is enough amount of Flavivirus, they can then be used in formulation of vaccines. BHK-21 can be cultured using a bioreactor for easy mass reproduction of the required host cells


Tide motion bioreactor system is the lowest cost, highest yield adherent cell bioreactor for virus production. It is also the only truly linearly scalable bioreactor from lab scale to production scale!