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Our History

Our Heritage

Our 1st generation founders of Esco always believe in being part of the solution rather than contributing to the world’s problems, having built the first cleanroom in Singapore for Siemens Components and then proceeding into biosafety, clean air, and containment as well as isolation or barrier systems.

Esco VacciXcell is born out of this same desire by the 2nd generation of Esco Group, with the same vision in mind to solve the challenges of being able to manufacture large volumes of vaccines, cell/regenerative therapeutics in a cost-effective manner and to make the world a better place for mankind.

As a 100% privately held company with corporate and global headquarters in Singapore, Esco VacciXcell has the resources, in-house technologies, expertise, dedication and distribution channels that are within the sphere of developing countries to make this vision a success.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all developing nations are self-sufficient in being able to manufacture, store, distribute and administer vaccines.

We envision a world where cell/regenrative therapy becomes adopted and that one day 3D Bio-printing will be widely available to regenerate body parts which are not able to self-regenerate such as our cochlear.

We envision a world where there is accessibility to high-quality biologics for all by adopting biosimilars which have been proven to be safe and effective and generate significant savings for payers and healthcare systems across the globe.

Our Mission And Creed

We are a global technological alliance on a global mission for worldwide human and animal immunization for human and food safety.

We believe that prevention is better than cure.

We do not believe in the corporization of medicine and life science tools in that monetary gain is the be all and end all, hence we are motivated by our higher calling.

We believe that this is our calling and duty to mankind to provide accessibility to all developing nations that is done in a self-sufficient manner without having to rely on heavy financial sponsorships.

Our Management Team

XL Lin serves as Director of Market Development for Esco Group.

He founded and manages the Esco Pharma Division within the Esco group of companies in 2009 developing the companies' very first cGMP downflow/containment booths and isolation systems from concept development to sales, project management, site-work, and validation.

Under his leadership, Esco Pharma has expanded from just a small division to now having 3 factories globally in USA/UK and Singapore. He brings his unique skillset in social entrepreneurship, market development, strategic product development, globally alliance networking, sales/contract management, clean air/containment facility, and systems design/integration into Esco VacciXcell. XL Lin graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences from University of Sydney and he is currently pursuing various options for further studies.